Covid Safe Plan

As we re-open for climbing, there are a few changes we need to make to ensure we provide a space that is as safe as we can make for you and for our staff and to ensure we comply with government health directives.

With continuing easing of restrictions, we are now able to have more visitors in the gym. We no longer require that you book for each visit and you can stay as long as you like.

We will manage our capacity to enable you to maintain social distancing. If we are reaching our capacity limits, we may ask that you start your climbing session by bouldering for a while until roped climbing spaces are available.

If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, or have been in close contact with a confirmed case, we ask that you do not come climbing. While we’re keen to see you too, we want to keep everyone safe. Get yourself tested and stay home to rest. We’ll still be here & you can re-schedule your booking.

We have hand sanitiser stations at the entry to the gym & around the climbing areas. We ask that you use these regularly. As you arrive & leave, also when you change climbs or change ends of rope.

Social distancing is an important part of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Try to maintain 1.5m distance from other visitors in the gym. Also treat everyone as if they’ve just taken off their climbing shoes – you don’t want to be close enough to smell that!

In order to reduce airborne dust loading, we ask that you minimise chalk usage. We prefer liquid chalk, but you may also use a chalkball in your chalkbag. We have a couple of options for you to purchase. Please do not use loose chalk.